elkins Park

Beer Runners 

Social Running & Walking Group



While adult members may partake in libations, they are asked to do so in a responsible manner. 

We are family-friendly and encourage non-drinkers to join us as well.


What we offer

The Elkins Park Beer Runners (EPBR), formed in 2016, is inspired by the Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR) and is an official Beer Runner chapter.

The Elkins Park Beer Runners combine responsible running with responsible drinking in the interest of science. We gather once a week to run and/or walk three to five miles and conclude each run at a local establishment for socializing, food, and drinks.



1) to encourage people to exercise by running (or walking)

2) to provide friendly camaraderie

3) to support and raise funds for non-profit organizations and charitable causes

4) to promote the responsible enjoyment of QUALITY beer & other beverages

5) to support local restaurants, taverns, and breweries


How it Works

There are predetermined locations (typically around Elkins Park - locations will be announced in advance here and on our social media pages) from which we run a loop of about three to five miles. (you can do any distance you like). The destination is a tavern where there is a QUALITY food and drink.


As with a typical 5K, faster runners will lead, followed by slower-paced runners and walkers. Often times we have two groups - a fast pace group and an easy pace walk/run group.  No matter your pace, you will always find others to run/walk with and will not be left behind. There are no dues, and everyone is responsible for buying their own beer.


Responsible Consumption

The Elkins Park Beer Runners promote responsible beer consumption. Responsible consumption means consuming QUALITY beer and drinking within one’s limits. Please note, drinking beer while running will not be permitted.



The Elkins Park Beer Runners is open to anyone. Minors are never permitted to partake in alcoholic beverages but may attend at venues that approve (many of our venues are as family-friendly as we are). New and seasoned runners are welcomed. Elite runners should remember this is primarily a social outing and should plan to do greater distances before the meeting. The club is also open to everyone, runners, walkers, and non-drinkers.





By participating in an Elkins Park Beer Runners (EPBR) group run or event, you acknowledge that running can be a dangerous sport and that you alone are responsible for your safety and/or actions. You should ensure that you are physically fit enough to participate in EPBR runs and events. The organizer, other members of Elkins Park Beer Runners, and our running locations are not liable for your safety and/or actions.